Mount St Helens-June 2017

I had almost forgot! Before we got to Cascade Locks, we camped in Chehalis, WA. It’s pretty close to Rainier and St Helens. We chose St Helens.

We were camped at the Thousand Trails in the area, which was quite nice. They had a good playground, and there were quite a few friends to play with.

For the trip to St Helens, we couldn’t have asked for a better day. The air was clear, the weather was pleasant and the location? Well it doesn’t get much better.

We took a hike from the visitor center, it was easy enough. Started off downhill, meandered a bit, and had great views of the volcano.

We lucked out with flowers. They were jaw dropping! I took about a thousand pictures of the impressive fields, I’ll only share a few.

Coming back, I would definitely time my trip for the spring. The views are amazing, but with the added flowers? Breathtaking!

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