Cascade Locks, OR – June 2017

Super behind here! Bear with me as I catch up.

After the North Cascades, we started to make our way south. We spent a few days with friends in and around Cascade Locks, which is town less than an hour inland from Portland.

We did grab one hike in the area. We walked out to Dry Falls, an easy hike filled with wild flowers and beautiful forests, with a grand finale at a dramatic falls.

My roommate from college is in Portland and she came out with her daughter to experience the Jolly lifestyle. We were at the KOA in town, so thankfully, there was a pool and playground. Needless to say we made great use of both.

Our other friends live out in the Dalles, which is less than an hour in the other direction. Bear had some errands to run, so for the first part of the day, our friends treated us to some local food experiences! First stop, to gather our strength, was insane soft serve cones. Seriously, the ice cream was the size of my kids head! I’m no fan of soft serve, but I am a fan of curly fries, so I enjoyed the meal too! We then took a drive through the Fruit Loop, which is a pretty route through the local fruit growing region. We got our fruit, met some alpacas, and ate some delicious cookies. I even picked up a few pies for my husband. Like all Bears, he loves pie.

After all that fun, we met up with Bear in The Dalles and spent some time at their library. They had a really nice kids section, complete with whatever these are!

My friend owns a shop in town and works at the local tap house, Route 30 Bottles and Brews. The steampunk design was really neat, and we enjoyed chatting with some locals over a few beers!

The stay here was short, and wonderful. It was the first time in awhile that we got to spend time with people we weren’t meeting for the first time.

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