The Transition

The transition has been made!!!! It’s been a bit of an adjustment, but about as smooth as we could make it.  We decided to move into Jolly around October 2016.  We’re home schooling full time, and Bear continues to work full time until this Spring.  We alternate between a few home base RV parks and have made a few new full timing friends.  We have used all of Bear’s vacation time for road trips to get the hang of full time travel. 

We’ve hit Verde Valley, Arizona; the North Rim of the Grand Canyon; Santa Barbara; Morro Bay; Joshua Tree; and San Diego!  We’ve had a few issues here and there and so far have turned out to be easy fixes.

Road schooling….  That has been a lot of fun and has been keeping me quite busy.  The girls are both reading, and practice math every school day.  While we have signal, we use a few educational aps for daily news and magazines.  We often don’t have wifi or phone signal while we travel, but we usually gain museums and hiking trips which are really educational.  The girls have both declared that they are Animal Scientists, so while we travel and hike, we learn all about the local habitats and animals.  They’re mildly interested in plants as well.

Our last trip to Joshua Tree and San Diego was filled with animal adventures.  We stopped in Millerton Lake State Park for one week while Bear did some work in nearby Fresno.  We did daily homeschool work and took daily nature walks around the lake.  We were treated to a lot of bird life but the real treat was the local tarantula population!  We saw three different spiders walking around.  They were moving slowly, because of the cold, and they didn’t seem too concerned about us.  This trip turned out to be a real study in tarantulas as we met, what I suspect was, a different species in Joshua Tree.  The San Diego Zoo also had some exotic ones.  In Millerton Lake, Goose found a California Toad, which was a really cool animal.  It was about the size of my hand, and instead of hopping, it walks.  Bizarre!

We visited two zoos and one aquarium!  So many beautiful critters.  The Fresno Chaffee Zoo is surprisingly great for such a small Zoo.  They have easy to navigate grounds and a great variety of animals.  

In San Diego, we hit Scripps Aquarium and the San Diego Zoo!  This was my first time to San Diego Zoo and it did not disappoint.  I found it a bit hard to navigate, but the grounds and habitats were just spectacular.  

Overall we’re pretty happy about the way things have gone.  We’re looking forward to hitting the road this Spring and will keep you posted of our adventures.

Happy New Years!