The Crew

Our Story

Bear and Bunny, Yellowstone National Park – August 2015


Bear – Mouse – Goose – Bunny

Ironically enough, Bear and Mouse (that’s me!) met on vacation!  We hit it off immediately, kept in touch, and were married about two years later!  Some time after that, a little Goose joined the family, followed soon after by a wee Bunny.  Living in Northern California, our whole troupe has enjoyed gallivanting around the Western USA, from Death Valley to Yellowstone, in Jolly, our current trailer.  Having three jobs between Bear and Mouse has made life fast and busy.  We came to the realization that this was not the life we wanted to live.  Oh yeah, and wouldn’t it be great if we could actually spend time with Goose and Bunny?  With a lot of conversation and research into full-time road life, we decided that full time travel – part time work was the life for us.


The Quadrupeds

These are our furbabies.  They’re in the prime of their old age and we know they are going to love their life on the road.

Truckosaurus and Jolly Too