The Rest Of 2017

I have really fallen behind when it comes to updating the blog! So much so that we’ve left on our next journey and I’m realizing, I’ve got to catch up! So here goes, the much condensed rest of the trip.

First big stop? Disney World! We kept this as a big surprise, we told the girls that we were heading to the Mud and Mosquito Museum of Central Florida. I’ve got to give my kids credit here, they weren’t excited, but they tried to be. Of course when we broke the news, they were thrilled! And as an extra special treat, we met with another traveling family we had befriended when we started out!

We hit Disney running, we stayed at Fort Wilderness, the RV park on resort. We loved our time there and would do it again. There are several options for getting to the parks, but we stuck with the boat rides.

We did take a small excursion to the Kennedy Space Center. It was a really neat place to visit, but if you have kids that get overwhelmed with flashing lights and loud noises, it might not be the best place. They do a quieter day for kids who need it and next time, I might look for that.

Back at Disney, Goose did Space Mountain about 30 times, and Bunny enjoyed meeting all the princesses. We got trained for piracy by Captain Jack, watched awesome dance shows and parades and ate more chicken nuggets than one ever should! Sadly, Disney can’t last forever, and do we moved on to our next stop, Pensacola.

Pensacola is the hometown of Bear, so we met his Dad for Thanksgiving, ate all the food one should eat on the gulf (shrimp, shrimp, shrimp) and toured some local history, Fort Barrancus. Then to San Antonio.

San Antonio is famous for The Alamo, and it’s certainly worst a visit. In my opinion, the real treasures are the incredibly well preserved (and still operational) missions. We went to the San Jose Mission and learned about mission life and the Tejano culture.

We also took some time at the San Antonio Children’s Museum, which was amazing. If you have kids and you’re in the area, do not miss this! There were exhibits to explore light and sound, robots, a giant play ground, make and race your own boats and so much more.

We took a day trip to Austin, to visit a friend of mine. We had a great day getting dumplings and visiting an outdoor sculpture garden. This was a pretty cool place, there was a scavenger hunt for kids and I saw quite a few people doing the touch and feel tour. They were blindfolded and would feel the art. (Side note: a sculpture garden with touchable art… take the kids, make sure they pose with the statues!)

The next big stop was Tucson, AZ and the Saguaro National Park. This park is actually split in two and borders the city of Tucson. I was completely amazed by the Saguaro forests. We even found some fan topped ones!

After all that fun, we finished with a short trip to Joshua Tree National Park and got back to our hometown by Christmas! That’s when we sadly packed everything away and rented a home. I’m happy to say we’ve loved our time “housing it.” We caught up with friends, did some school, made some money and we’re on the road again and we hope you’ll follow along! Happy trails!

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