The Plan

The plan.  Yes, our big, grand, Jolly Plan!  We have decided to leave behind the life of home ownership and full time work.  (In the case of Bear – overly full-time work.)  We are taking steps away from our current careers, giving up the house, and moving to a more mobile lifestyle!

We are fortunate that Bear can work temp work and keep his less time consuming job while we are on the road.  I (Mouse) will be road schooling (that’s homeschooling on the road) Goose and Bunny.  We will be upgrading our travel trailer to something we can full time in. The Flying Cloud is looking like the way to go.  Our plan is to start traveling Spring of 2017, starting off with a trip to Alaska for the summer, followed by a trip to the East Coast to visit with old friends and family.

National Parks are one of our favorite vacation destinations and we plan to use them as our home, backyard and school house.  Before the arrival of Goose and Bunny, Bear and I were avid backpackers.  We are hoping to introduce the girls to that experience this summer!  We’ll keep you posted.  If they enjoy it, we’ll be planning for living super cheap on some long distance hikes.  I’m looking at you PCT.

For now, we will be in Northern California.  We have quite a  few normal trips lined up, including Yellowstone and Lassen National Parks, and we are looking forward to sharing our adventures.

Bear and Bunny, Yellowstone National Park – August 2015