Colorado State Parks

After Black Canyon of the Gunnison, we headed for some downtime in two State Parks, Rifle Gap and State Forest State Park.

We spent time cleaning, enjoying full hook ups, with less, but not no, sightseeing.  We even discovered a new hobby!

Rifle Gap is pretty close to Glenwood Springs, boasts pretty waterfalls, and was one of the nicest big rig friendly campgrounds I’ve ever been to.  Unfortunately, Glenwood Springs was under some serious construction, but we managed to enjoy some great Cajun eats and tour the local stores.  

The waterfalls were an easy stroll in the woods for us.   Mere fraction a mile!  The trail gets to the falls right away, and there is a loop that takes you up and over.  There are some neat limestone caves along that part and we explored a few.

The campground had huge clean sites and overlooked a reservoir.  It was one of the best kept campgrounds I’ve ever seen.  It was also the most hosted!  I think there was at least one host per loop.  

We lucked out and had neighbors for one night that we instantly bonded with.  Their daughter was an absolute joy for our daughters and we spent a great evening in good conversation over a few beers.  Sometimes, we just get lucky!  The only drawback, they only stayed one night.

After Rifle Gap, we drove east (and up) to State Forest State Park.  This park is very close to Rocky Mountain National Park and can boast having the largest Colorado moose population.  Yes, it’s the Moosiest place in Colorado.  

Sadly, or maybe fortunately, I didn’t see any moose. Bear did.  He was up early one morning, and caught a mother and her mooselet walking through the meadow.  Apparently, he tried to wake me up for it, but I’m a stubborn sleeper. 

We did some light hiking here, there were a few easy trails, but it seemed to be an area more for four wheelers.  There was a nature trail that I enjoyed walking through and we did a two mile hike out to the visitor center and back.  This hike came with geocaching!  A new travel past time for us.  

The campground was big, well spaced, and clean.  We spent Memorial Day Weekend here and even full, we didn’t feel crowded.  The only downside to this campground was that the pine beetle damage was on full display. 

Once more, we were treated to springtime Colorado snow!  We made good use of it, snow ball fights, snow people, and peaceful walks.

We sorely needed some downtime and rest and we got it.  The state parks were quiet, clean, and peaceful.  We were quite refreshed, and ready for the next adventure…. Denver!
PS on the way out, we saw a porcupine!

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