A Quick Stop at Goblin Valley State Park

On the way from Capitol Reef to Black Canyon of the Gunnison, we took our lunch break at Goblin Valley State Park off of Highway 24.  

This park is exceptionally neat!  Even as ‘Canyonland Overloaded’ as we were, we couldn’t help but marvel at the valley of ‘goblins.’  

The Goblins are relatively small hoodoos and they are a ton of fun to explore.  The girls had a great time playing hide and seek, and we had to keep them from climbing on top of everything.  

The rocks can be unstable, so climbing isn’t a great idea.  The dogs got to enjoy the park as well, and even made some new friends.  If you’re in this area, it’s worth the entrance fee ($13 for day use) and the drive off road.  Just do it.

Besides the valley, there are hiking trails, mountain bike trails, great nigh-time viewing and even a disc golf course!  It looks like the camping would be fun, so I hope to stop here again in the future and spend a few days relaxing and exploring the park.

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