Las Vegas and Chores

This past week brought us to Las Vegas.  Neither Bear or I  are into gambling, and we didn’t want to spend too much money, so we spent only one day on the Strip.  Bear had to fly back to California for a weekend of work so the girls and I took the opportunity to do chores. 

For our day on the Strip, we wanted to give the girls a slice of Vegas, so we did a 5 miles walking tour.  (Not an official one or anything. ) We knew the girls, especially Goose, would be amazed by all the glitz and glam of the casinos and shopping malls.  We took them through The Venetian, and they loved the ceilings. “It looks just like Hogwarts!” 

We tried to get to the Bellagio for their fountains, but they were in maintenance mode.  I wish we had known that before we trekked all the way out there, especially in my plastic sandals!  Ouch!  

We finished the day at Circus Circus which has a great indoor amusement park.  Goose and I went on the Canyon Blaster, which included a double loop and double corkscrew along with a tunnel.  After the loops, I took a look at Goose, who, poor thing, was on her first big kid roller coaster.  I shouted at her that she was going to live through it and it was almost over, I don’t think it helped as after the loops came the corkscrews! At the end she was in good spirits, but informed me she was never doing that again.  Thank goodness for good sports!  

While we were enjoying (?) that ride, Bunny was planning out the next rides for us.  Her first choice was The Road Runner, which is a standard cart goes around a circle ride.  Forward, backwards, and forwards.  I was regretting my lunch at this point.  The girls were having a screaming good time and Bunny was making me laugh by excitedly screaming, “I planned this, I planned this!” We did a few other rides and it was time to head back to Jolly.

The next day was pretty boring, but important.  Both girls needed new jeans and Goose has had a growth spurt.  Also, we were out of food.  Shopping day!  

Bear left the next morning, and I decided to surprise the girls with a trip to the Seaquest Aquarium. This neat spot is located in The Boulevard Mall and has a ton of interactive stations.  We got to feed fish, stingrays, and sharks.  (Little ones). We also got to pet iguanas.  There was a bird feeding station, but I was the only one who took advantage of that.  It was a bit overwhelming.

After that, it was time to get to work.  The girls helped me make space on their upper bunk with a decent toy reorganization.  I cleaned and polished the interior and got it as about as clean as she can be, without emptying her.  So here’s a quick tour while she’s clean.

The Master Bedroom:

The Bunk Room:
And finally the Kitchen, Dinette and Living Area:

It was back to normal in a day.  Now, fully stocked and cleaned, we’re headed back into Utah for a visit to Bryce and Capitol Reef!  Happy trails!

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