To The Coast!

The Jolly Crew will be opening this season with a quick trip out to the Santa Cruz/Monterey Area.  We will be camping at a beach campsite (more information to follow) and visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Both girls will be studying “Animal Sciences” this coming year, so this will be a great opportunity to do animal profiles.   There are a lot of great resources for education at the aquarium here! The girls love undersea creatures, thank you Octonauts, and are very excited about this trip!

We had the pleasure of visiting the aquarium last year.  It was an absolute blast.  Monterey has a great exhibition, Tentacles, with an impressive array of jellyfish, octopuses, cuttlefish and squid!  This year they are also showing ¡Viva Baja! which looks amazing!  We’ll be back with more after this trip.  Enjoy your weekend!

Bunny, Goose, and Mouse – Monterey Bay Aquarium, April 2014


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